Frequently Asked Questions


When Do I need a Title 5 inspection?

The most common times a Title 5 inspection is required occurs when a property is being transferred, or if someone is looking to add to their house, or if the property owners are seeking to change the use of their buidling

Do I need to pump my tank during a Title 5 inspection?

Unless the facility is served by a cesspool, Title 5 does not require pumping of the septic tank during an inspection. However, certain findings inside a tank can trigger a pumping requirement

I was told my system failed due to high groundwater, but we've never had a problem?

Seasonal high groundwater elevations are determinations that the DEP has set forth in order to bring some older systems into compliance, even if they're fully functional. The premise behind this is to efficiently and safely treat the effluent prior to discharging into the groundwater

How soon can we drive on our new asphalt driveway?

The longer the better, and the time of year certainly makes a difference. At least 3-4 days. New asphalt should be able to be walked on the next day. ALWAYS be mindful of turning your car wheels while stopped on new asphalt.

We need work done at our house, but don’t know what the process is. Do you charge for estimates?

No. As long as the scope of work pertains to our expertise, we will be happy to give you our best professional opinion on your project, as well as a free estimate

We’re thinking of building a new house for our family. Could we hire you to contract the job?

We specialize in “sill down” construction, meaning we will be happy to take on work that pertains to anything from the sill of a house, and down. We do not get involved with any service work from the sill up. However, there are local companies we could recommend in almost all service areas